Messiah Rehearsal Schedule

27th Nov 7.15

Full programme


Parking information  here 

Please arrive in plenty of time to find your dressing room and change into concert dress.

1.15pm Early Call. Choir to be seated in concert dress for official photograph which will be taken by JOHN TOMS

Wear full choir uniform N.B. Extra layer of clothing recommended…it can be a bit a chilly!

Women: black dress trousers or calf-length/ long black skirts, black tops with decorous neckline and three-quarter or long sleeves (a touch of glitter, if you like!) and the pink flower, worn on the left. Black tights and black shoes.

Men: black dinner suit with a white shirt and black bow tie. Black socks and shoes.

Music scores must be inside black choir folder.

Dress rehearsal will the start promptly at 2pm.

Tea: Bring your own refreshments or buy food at Postal Order (2 min walk) or Morrissons (4 min walk).  Brewing facilities in Crypt.

Don’t forget your Christmas crackers and mince pies!


Please carry music folders under the arm closest to the audience when entering and leaving the stage. No water bottles on stage during the concert. Ladies, small handbags please. Do not leave anything onstage during the interval.

6.40pm. Form your rows in the transept. Voice Reps will be there to help: Jenny- Sopranos, Margaret- Altos, Mike- Tenors, Peter- Basses.

At cues from Chris (centre aisle) and Gillian and Margaret (transepts) with front row leading make your way onto the stage and REMAIN STANDING until Chris gives the cue to sit down. Please refrain from chatting, waving etc.


STAND when Tom enters, then take all instruction from him.


Tom will leave the stage. Taking a lead from the front row, CHOIR SIT.

When the leader of the orchestra has left the platform the orchestra will start to move. STAND and lead off the platform row by row starting with the front row. It’s important that once in the transept we keep walking to prevent a pile up behind – it’s a big choir!

SECOND HALF Go upstairs at the 1st Bell. Form your rows in the transept. Voice Reps will be there to help. Cues as before. With front row leading make your way onto the stage and REMAIN STANDING until Chris gives the cue to sit down. STAND at Tom’s entrance taking lead from front row. Take next instruction from Tom.


When Tom and soloists have left the platform, SIT taking lead from front row. ONLY STAND again when directed by Tom.

When Tom and soloists finally leave the stage, the orchestra leader will leave the stage. Then the orchestra will start to move and as before we will leave the stage row by row starting at the front.

Prepare your score – please mark stands, sits and cuts:-

Tom will STAND choir at beginning of each Chorus and SIT choir at the end of each Chorus. Exceptions listed below.


9. STAND 6 bars before end of Alto solo ” the glory of the Lord”

16. STAND at beginning of “And suddenly there was with the angel”


22. Normal STAND, SIT

24. LONG STAND from start of 24 right through to end of 28

34. Recit CUT

35. CUT

39 CUT

40. STAND 5 bars before the end of 40: “against the Lord..”


49. CUT

50. CUT

51. CUT

52. CUT

And after the Messiah, don’t forget…

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