If you ever shop online, you may be able to help to raise funds for Blackburn Music Society with no cost or inconvenience to yourselves.  Easyfundraising is an organisation through which donations are made to charities when people shop online.  There are thousands of contributors including many well know shops, travel and hotels, utilities and insurance. Sometimes the donation will be a few pence or it can be a few pounds but overall this could be a significant source of income for Blackburn Music Society if enough people are willing to participate.

How can you help?

1. Click here and sign up selecting Blackburn Music Society as your chosen charity.

2. Select the donation reminder here if you are using a PC/laptop or here for ipads and iphones.  When you are shopping you will get a message asking you if you would like to active a donation.  You are free to accept or decline each donation.  Alternatively you can shop through the easyfundraising site.  The short video here shows you how this works.

3.  After you have checked out the retailer will make a donation to Blackburn Music Society.

Thank you for your support.