Practice Resources

Spring 2018

Belshazzar’s Feast

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2015 BBC Proms


MP3 Files

Summer 2018

From the Bavarian Highlands – Elgar

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Midi Files

Autumn 2017

Sure on this Shining Night – Morten Lauridsen

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Parts on Youtube          Soprano           Alto          Tenor            Bass           All

Parts on Soundcloud

Angels’ Carol – John Rutter  

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Parts on Youtube          Soprano         Alto              Tenor             Bass


Cyberbass – Messiah

Midi Practice Files – Messiah

MP3 Practice Files – Messiah

Messiah Practice Files on YouTube     Soprano        Alto        Tenor          Bass

Listen on YouTube – Messiah

Little Jazz Mass

Midi Files            YouTube Practice            Listen on YouTube

Eternal Light

Midi Files            Choralia               About Eternal Light         Listen on YouTube

 Look at the World

YouTube              Soprano          Alto                 Tenor              Bass

Psalm 23

Youtube                  Soprano                       Alto                  Tenor                       Bass

 For the Beauty of the Earth

YouTube              Listen         Soprano           Alto          Tenor          Bass              SATB

Summer 2017

I Was Glad – Parry

Midi Files  Soprano 1   Soprano 2   Alto 1   Alto 2   Tenor 1   Tenor 2   Bass 1   Bass 2   SATB

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Benedictus from The Armed Man

Midi Files   Soprano    Alto   Tenor   Bass  SATB

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Triumphal Scene from Aida  

Midi Files  Soprano     Alto      Tenor 1      Tenor 2       Bass

Priests Tenor 1     Priests Tenor 2     Priests Bass 1     Priests Bass 2     SATB

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Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

Midi Files    Soprano 1     Soprano 2     Alto     Tenor 2      Tenor 2    Bass     SATB

Listen to Pronunciation

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Humming Chorus

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Beauty and the Beast Medley

Climb Ev’ry Mountain

Spring 2017

Dream of Gerontius – Part 1 Midi Files

Dream of Gerontius – Part 2 Midi Files

Dream of GerontiusYouTube

Autumn 2016

Messa di GloriaPuccini

Cyberbass – Messa di Gloria

Midi Files – Messa di Gloria

Listen on YouTube – Messa di Gloria

Four Motets – Duruflé

Midi Files 1 – Four Motets

Midi Files 2 – Four Motets

Listen on YouTube – Four Motets

Requiem – Duruflé 

Cyberbass – Durufle Requiem

Midi Files – Durufle Requiem

YouTube Practice – Durufle Requiem