Rehearsal Information

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals are usually held on Monday nights from  7.15pm to 9.15pm at St Mary’s College.

Brahms – A German Requiem

7th January     II: A-C,   III: A-B,   I: Beginning-B,   IV: Whole thing, detailed work on b124-End

14th January  III: b.173- 190,  V: Whole thing,  VI: C-Allegro at b. 208

21st January   I-IV: RUN,  VI: 208-End then run movement,  VII: Read through

28th January   I: Work on (Part 2. =) B- b.100,  II: Whole thing, detailed work on H-End,                                         II: Whole thing, detailed work on E-b172.  VII

4th February   IV: Particular work on B-End,  VI: Whole thing,  VII: Entirety

11th February  I: Work on (Part 1. =) ‘Selig Sind’ = Beginning to B, and b.100 – End,                                                 III: b.173- End,  V: Short recap, VII

18th February  II,  VI,  VII

25th February  I, III, V, VII

4th March          I. VI, VII

11th March         II, IV, Anything that needs it

18th March        Tweaking and solidifying

23rd March        CONCERT